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Based in Leeds, UK, Codera develop quality enterprise systems for a wide range of organisations from Hitachi Capital to SMEs looking for pragmatic solutions. They are passionate about the quality of their implementation and their timely delivery.

As part of their commitment to helping develop relationships in the local community, Codera provided an industry placement for two Computer Science students from the University of Leeds. The students, Leah and Shahza were asked to work initially on an in-house project with a focus primarily on product development.

As part of their course at the university they had had an introduction to various programming languages but their first project required them to have an advanced knowledge of Java. In order to enhance their learning and to ensure that they were able to use Java in the workplace, they were given access to Virtual Pair Programmers' full range of e-learning courses. Shahza and Leah found the courses extremely helpful and commented that they were able to "start by looking at the basic level courses as a refresher and then move on to the advanced Java course. It’s been really useful as an introduction into new areas like Spring Framework as it gives very clear information and you can get started really quickly."

Shahza commented that "the fact that you are actually doing a real-life application project as part of the course is excellent as it gives you a good understanding of all the elements that are required in the workplace". They especially liked the fact that you could change the speed of the videos to enable you to work at your own pace.

There are a number of people in the company that have used Virtual Pair Programmers' videos and really like the fact that when you are implementing it in the workplace you can still dip back into the videos to check specifics if required. They were impressed by the delivery of the information and commented on the explanations given within the courses which they felt were clear, with no assumption of previous knowledge.

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