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How membership works

How do I watch the videos?

You can watch all of our course videos with a computer or tablet, connected to the internet. Once your subscription is active, you simply browse to the course you wish to study, and click on the watch button to start viewing immediately.

Your subscription lets you stream the videos online. Some of our courses are also available for you to download to view them offline, and keep them forever, for a small additional fee.

You can also freely download all the supporting material with your subscription. This includes sample code, starting and ending workspaces, software and other useful files.

How do I pay?

All subscriptions can be paid for using a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit or debit card, or with a PayPal account. Payments will be automatically recharged when the renewal is due, unless you cancel your subscription before the renewal date.

Is support included?

We are only able to offer limited support with our subscription plans. We'll be able to help if you have a problem watching the videos or accessing the supporting materials, but for all other questions that arise, we suggest you check out JavaRanch or Stack Overflow. Both sites allow you to ask questions, but do search first to check your question hasn't already been asked. If you think there's a mistake on the course, then of course please let us know - we publish a list of errata for each course.

Is there a minimum term?

No. Your subscription will automatically renew each month (or 6 months, or year), until you tell us you wish to cancel. You can cancel at any time before your next renewal is due. The option to cancel your subscription is available from the "My Account" Link at the top of the page.

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