How Membership Works

Stream or download... your choice!

There are two ways to access Virtual Pair Programmers’ library of Java training courses. You can pay a monthly subscription of just $45.00, for full, unlimited access to our library of training materials, or you can buy one course at a time.

Stream our videos online

With a monthly subscription you get full, unlimited access to watch over 340 hours of java training videos, equivalent to over 18 weeks of face to face training. Available to watch on Windows PCs, Mac, Linux, Tablets and smart phones connected to the Internet. Included is basic support to help you access the course materials.

Download and keep our videos

When you buy a course you get to download all the videos to watch offline on your computer, for a one-off payment. The videos will never expire. Also included is our premium support for up to 1 year following purchase - we'll help you if you get stuck with any aspect of the material.

Study at your own pace

You choose which topics to learn, and when you want to learn them. You can watch our videos as many times as you like, you just need to be online if you take a Monthly Subscription.

Frequent Updates

Stay on the cutting edge of software development. We will deliver frequent modules and new courses covering a wide range of topics that every good developer needs on their resume.

Flexible Membership Options

If you buy a course, the materials are yours to keep forever, they are DRM free, and won't expire. If you subscribe, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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